How Can Twitter and Google Help Your Business

News about the partnership between Google and Twitter has been going around the world wide web for some time now. This leaves a lot of social media users wondering how it could affect their social media strategy. There are no clear details yet of this new partnership between the giants of search and social media, aside from the fact that Google now has real-time access to user’s tweets. If before, users crawl to Twitter for content and presenting older results, now Google can show tweets in real-time, right along with their normal search results. This could further give business owners some interesting new marketing opportunities that they should definitely take notice of.

Although there are no specifics yet on this partnership, we’ve listed down some of the possible advantages and well, setbacks, we could get from this partnership:

Real-time Marketing

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of this partnership between Twitter and Google is that our tweets now could be indexed live in search results and that definitely means real-time marketing opportunities for those who want to expand their online exposure beyond just their Twitter followers. It could further increase online presence for online businesses and they can just promote and market their products or services through tweeting it. Using content that is optimized with the right keywords with impactful calls to action will help tweets shop up more often when potential customers search for services or products like yours.

The Risks

While the partnership between these two giants poses good benefits, there could also be a little risk in here. Since there is a real-time exposure of tweets in search results, it means that anything you put out there will be instantly searchable and potentially viewed by a huge audience. It could also mean that your tweets will no longer be just for your followers’ viewing. Thus, if you say anything that puts your company in a negative light, it could end up showing up in search results for your business on a long term. With that, make sure that you are always careful in posting tweets.

Through these pros and cons about the Twitter and Google partnership, users can have an idea on how to use their Twitter smartly to promote and market their business and to veer away from tweets that could or might damage your company’s reputation.

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